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virus removal
Viruses in a system are a big problem that can cause great damage to your computer and can cause many problems like corruption of files, folders; slow down of the system, hijack, and other issues that waste our time as well as money. To have a computer free of viruses, it is necessary to have an effective anti-virus installed in the system that updates on a regular basis and performs frequent scans on your system to prevent viruses from infecting your computer system. We all are aware of the various viruses that can infect our computers and render them useless, yet we fail to take the proper steps to ensure a safe and healthy computer. Be sure to speak to your virus removal technician about your post-security analysis and ensure that this will not happen again to you.

Get OM-Techies support for virus, adware and malware removal from your computer. Our techies will provide instant support to remove viruses, malware and spyware from your PC to optimize it for maximum performance. We will scan your computer for infected and corrupt files. We will also review and optimize your firewall settings to protect your computer against future attacks. We will also audit your security settings to ensure your computer's safety from malicious attacks.
Scope of Service
. Complete tech support for virus removal and malicious software
. Slow computer performance and freezing frequently
. Restarting again and again or stuck at blue screen
. Unwanted pop ups on the screen and unwanted toolbars taking a lot of space in browser
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