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system performance
Over time and depending on use, all computers begin performing tasks slower and slower until you either need to replace the computer or clean them up and optimize them. The more you surf the Internet and use advanced programs-the faster the hard drive becomes cluttered and performance begins to suffer.

Using our advanced remote technology, our OM-Techies can optimize your systems while you sit back in the comfort of your own office or home. Because we use a very thorough system designed to truly make your older computer run at its best performance.
Scope of Service
. Support in Operating System Boot Failure and Blue Screen of Death
. Install missing critical updates and security patches for Windows
. Update existing antispyware and antivirus definitions and software
. Clear out temporary files and start up files
. Remove other unwanted files to free hard drive space
. Schedule automated tasks like hard-drive scanning and defragmenter
. Windows Firewall configuration
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