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Setup, Install & repair software
The use of these devices in conjunction with the PC is standard. Almost everyone who has a PC has a printer and most people who own a camera, now own a digital one. As with any technology there is a learning curve and also the ability for things to go wrong.
Scope of Support
. Set-Up of New Printer or Printing Device
. Diagnose and resolve the errors and software issues with Printer
. Multifunction devices - Setup and Installation, Fixing issues, Usage
. Webcam - Installation, Video Software installation and setup, video conferencing
. USB Flash Drives - Installation, Usage such as how to back up files
. External Hard Drives - Installation, Usage such as how to store and back up files, using backup software utilities
. All other devices that connect to your PC

Confused in installing software? Our Techies will install and configure any software you need. There are certain softwares that are confusing to install. Some even take a lot of time to do so. Our Techies can save you time and effort by setting it up for you.

Scope of Service
. Downloading the software from the internet (when appropriate)
. Installation and set up
. Configuration according to your preferences
. Confirming that the application works as expected
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