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Internet and networking
OM-Techies technical service is a one-stop-shop to diagnose and troubleshoot Internet and Networking issues with your computer and laptop. With the emergence of high speed internet (broadband), networking has become common in many homes. Whether it's a desktop wired into a router, or a laptop working wirelessly, the home network is becoming a necessity.

Additionally, Internet Explorer is no longer the only browser choice available. Mozilla Firefox has become one of the most widely used web browsers. Free, powerful and applauded for its rich set of features and excellent security many users choose it as their primary browser for the web.
Scope of Service
. Schedule automated tasks like hard-drive scanning and defragmenter
. Improved PC and Network Speed, Stability & Reliability
. Network Security Protection & Setup - Including wired and/or wireless router installation and configuration
. Diagnose and Fix Common issues Browser issues and proper Set-Up
. Recover a lost Network Security Key (WPA, WEP, etc) and setup it up accordingly devices compatibility.
. Setting up and configuring network enabled peripherals such as printers, scanners and multifunction machines
. Set up file sharing so two or more computers on the same network can transfer and share files between each other
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